From Sapphire to Naked Neck: The Chicken Spectrum at Green Heart Garden

Meet our flock of hens and the rainbow of colorful eggs they’re producing for your CSA boxes!
May 30, 2024

We’re egg-cited to announce a new feather in our cap – egg production! As the latest addition to our CSA offerings, we’re not just bringing you fresh produce; we’re delivering the promise of morning delights, fresh from the coop. Our nearly dozen breeds of chickens are more than just poultry; they’re the proud producers of a spectrum of egg colors, each a testament to the diversity and vitality of life on our farm.

These aren’t your average hens; they’re the ambassadors of a rainbow coalition, laying eggs in shades that span from the bluest skies to the richest soils. Let us introduce you to some of the stars of our coop!

Meet Our Chickens

Buff Orpington: Fluffy and friendly, these golden girls are the social butterflies of the barnyard. They gift us with eggs that boast a classic, golden brown hue.

Blue Sapphire Pullet: These gems of the coop sparkle with personality and lay eggs that are a beautiful shade of blue. It’s like finding a little piece of the sky in your egg carton!

Rhode Island Red: These robust redheads are the go-getters of the group, laying eggs that are as brown as the soil they scratch in.

Turkish Naked Neck: Uniquely charming with their distinctive look, these hardy birds lay eggs that are a delightful warm shade of tan.

Barred Rock: With their striking striped feathers, they’re the rock stars of the roost. Their eggs? A symphony of pinkish-brown, each one a hit in the flavor charts.

Brahma: Majestic and calm, our Brahmas are the gentle giants of the farm. Their eggs are a rich brown, as if dipped in the earthy tones of our fertile soil.

Our Rooster: Ok, so this guy won’t be laying eggs any time soon. But we still love having him around. Not only is he sweet and sociable, but his feathers are absolutely stunning. Check out that gorgeous purple sheen!

There you have it, a peek into the colorful world of our egg-laying artisans. Each egg, from blue to brown, is a testament to the sustainable and regenerative life we cultivate here at Green Heart Garden. So, next time you crack open one of these local treasures, remember the feathered friends who made your meal possible. Happy eating!

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